Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Fear Not" - best ever scriptural advice

This sage bit of wisdom is used something like 200 times in the Holy Bible. I don't usually make references to the Bible as its mere mention, or that of its chief New Testament protagonist, Jesus Christ, might drive scores of unbelievers into paroxysms of doubt.

Nor do I often use the phrase "Holy Bible" - though it is more correct. I do so here because I can't help but notice that whenever Barry refers to the Quaran, it is to the "Holy Quaran" - with the appropriate guttural "R."

But "fear" is the topic and there's plenty of it being spread around. The partisan networks are its natural home but the financial news channels are running a close second. Unfortunately, if one bothered to take the time and make an effort, he (or she) would discover that most of the financial fear-mongers have "skin in the game."

Regardless, of the final draft, these people make a lot of money when the markets are open - but there's "A-Lot-Of-Money" and "A-Hell-Of-A-Lot-Of-Money." With a Clean Bill (sic) these sanctimonious twits will realize the latter. The nation may go broke, medical care may revert to that found in Bangladesh (expedited by the disputed, but accurately-named, "death panels"), the unemployment numbers (already in the stratosphere) will go higher, and those that hunger daily will have more company. And the new agreement, despite these minor caveats, will be characterized as a "solution." Unfortunately, however, it is structured will need to be addressed once again in a matter of months. The Tea Party will not be responsible for that.

Keep in mind, all of that will occur with a "compromise" solution (accurately translated, that means your usual, forever-in-office Republicans have, once again, capitulated to Chicago's Mugger-in-Residence. However, these sad deprivations will be attributed to the Tea Party which, in different venues, has been characterized as a "troublesome minority within a minority" to a Fascist movement intent on overthrowing the government.

Whoops, there's good old Harry Reid announcing "an agreement" has been reached and Ted Cruz the newest target of the left, announcing he will not filibuster. Time to cut this short and go sell or short some of those outrageous high flyers with little or no earnings - more later,

But, remember, "Fear not." This nation will continue on, not because of its leadership, but in spite of it.