Friday, October 4, 2013

Harry and Barry: shut-down engineers

Just a quick observation and one made on numerous other venues (with the exception of the major media and it half-witted step-sister, NPR): the House if fully within its rights to withhold funding for Obamacare. The House, and the House alone, determines funding. The current House majority (which, unfortunately, appears to be losing its nerve) has approved every other spending requested by Harry and Barry - and presented it to the former for approval. It has been rejected and, hence, the "shut-down."

Absent a package that includes EVERYTHING Harry and Barry want,  ALL governmental functions have ceased - this is called "negotiation."

The House was given this power because it was originally assumed that this body, being closer to its electors, would be more responsive to its will. And so it has become with the advent of the much-maligned Tea Party. Because of their responsiveness, they have called "extremists." And in an age when the electorate is considered important only when ballots are to be cast, following the will of your constituents is, indeed, extreme.

Absent that, the parks, monuments, and the giant money-sucking bureaucracy gets shut down for a matter of days (weeks?). In the past, it has not been unknown for these individuals to have been reimbursed for "lost wages" - which are not (when compared to the average working man and woman's income) insubstantial. Toss in public employee benefit packages and were talking about federal employees realizing twice the income as their employers - the tax-payers.

For clarification, I am not a member of the Tea Party and have no intention of becoming one.